A Colorful Mistake

January 18, 2014 § Leave a comment

All my life, I wanted to have those thick wavy, bouncy hair (like those you see in commercial.) Other envy my hair for I have a straight (at least with my hair), black and shiny hair. But you know a person is never contented; like a blonde wanted to be a brunette so she dyes her hair. A dark skinned girl who wanted to be white so she buys all the whitening products available in the market.

So I am this girl who wanted to have a curly hair. I find it like semi-kalbo to guys since it’s a wash and wear kind of style. I have a busy lifestyle, work-home-work (hehe) so I wanted to have a hairstyle that’s easy to manage.

When I was on my early 20s-late-teenage year, I was never afraid of trying different kind of hairstyle. I had my hair relaxed, permed, rebonded, then permed again. Yes, relaxed and rebonded. I tried those when I get bored with my permed hair. But June 2012 was the most miserable treatment that I gave to my hair. My hair was rebonded and been hearing about digi-perm. Digi perm way back then costed 5-8k and was only available in Tony and Jackey Salon. They say that when your hair is rebonded, the only way to perm it is digital. But I still go for traditional perming since I got this so much confidence with my hair that it will not get damage.

To my dismay, it got curled (yey) but very kinky. It was damaged so bad that you can’t style it anymore. I didn’t get a change to take a photo of it, but it looked like this. ImageI didn’t give up on my hair. I convinced myself that it was just newly treated. I was convincing myself to give it a week and it will look healthy again. But weeks had gone. It had been two months since I had it permed but it was still the damage. More damaged since I tried different leave-ons to make it worked, but I was dead; so dead that I had to let it go. It was traumatizing swear.

So August of 2012, I cut it short leaving like 3 inches of permed hair. It was the shortest hair that I had my entire life. My hair after cutting it went back to its normal life. I was healthy and alive. After that, I never touched my hair again. I waited a year and half, read many blogs about perming, and finally got the courage again to let other touch my hair. So my hair was like this:


I was checking Metrodeal with affordable hotel accommodation since I am planning to go to Palawan with my friends next month. I chanced upon this deal with Aaron Hair Salon for Digi perm. After all the traumas, I learned my lesson. So I research about it. I found out that Aaron Salon is known for digital perming. It is one of the top three best reviewed salon that offers digital perm. The other two are Tony and Jackey (which is given) and BeautyBrick at Makati ave. But since I wanted to try to the craze of vouchers and all, I went ahead and book a session with Aaron Hair Salon. 

At first, it was challenging for a user like me to get the voucher since I don’t have a credit card. But Metrodeal offers different type of payment method now. They have a payment method wherein you can book the deal now and pay in Cebuana Lhuiller thru PeraPal. Luckily, they have a branch at the corner of our street *confetti*. Be careful for the email will say that you don’t need the copy of the confirmation email because the staff in  Cebuana in our place need it so they can attach copy. There is not extra charge for processing fee. Here’s the sample email. 

ImageAnyway, going back, I chose Aaron Hair Salon over two other salons since it was pretty good deal of Php 999.00 compared to it’s normal price of Php 3-5k. So I paid for the voucher, received a confirmation email, printed the voucher and it was sealed. 

You will have two options for Aaron Hair Salon (get their address at their facebook account I provided earlier). I chose the branch in Pioneer at Ace Hotel and Suites. I was hoping that it will be easier to find since it was inside a hotel. I was just so lucky yesterday that the taxi driver who drove me to the hotel was kind enough to ask for the location of the hotel. But to commuters, you can ride MRT, get off at Boni station and ride a tricycle to Ace Hotel. Sounds easier than riding a cab right? LOL

So there I was at Ace Hair Salon Image


I immediately took a picture of their facade along with a deep breath. That moment, there was no turning back.  An employee greeted me so warmly and asked me what I wanted to do with my hair. I told me I just bought a voucher and I wanted to perm my hair. They asked me to sit down in front of a computer and register my name. They took a picture of my scalp and checked how sensitive it is. They explained to me the situation of my hair, compared it with the healthy ones. Finally they say that they can’t take the risk of perming it since the end of my hair strands were totally damaged. They suggested to have a haircut. But haircut is what I’ve been avoiding since I know for a fact that my hair isn’t long enough. They cut a sample of hair and tried on the chemical that they will be using to perm my hair.

While waiting for the result, I smoked outside and thought of my options. I texted my partner and explained my situation. She asked me to stay put and wait for her. But I know that I can’t just sit down there so I have to come up with a decision. I finally decided that okay, I will have to cut my hair then. They explained to me that if I will not cut it, the damage will just affect the healthy one and I don’t want to be risking that. They showed my the result of the sampled hair that were dipped on the chemicals. It helped me decide with what I really wanted to do. The hair became rubbery and dry. I don’t want to end up crying over the hair that I didn’t touched over a year. 

Then with a big YES, I will have it cut. My stylist even showed me the difference of the tip of my hair from my roots. What I liked a lot about them is that they were so honest with me. They even suggested to keep my voucher for a while since it was valid until April. But I just wanted to have a total transformation that day and I want to use it. So I decide to go for a dark violet hair dye. 

ImageThe treatment took for about 30 mins. They suggested to get my hair treated as well so it will start getting healthier. I agreed and paid additional Php 1,500. I deserve the treatment for I haven’t gotten one since the day I cut my hair short. Image

While waiting for the treatment to be done, they offered coffee and iced tea. 



They washed my hair and put the treatment for 15 mins and washed it again. Finally, the blow dry. 


 It was so satisfying that I wanted to scream. I never regret all the peso spent. TADAAAA. 


You may not see the color of the hair because of the lighting in the salon. But after the wait, I can’t stop from touching my hair. I felt beautiful again. I was confident of flaunting my hair again.

Special thanks for my photographer that day, who waited patiently with me, the first person to tell me that I am so beautiful and how the color of my hair complimented my skin, my partner, 

Image Ignore the frown. She’s really happy with what she’s doing. hehe


Okay, so to end this, for those who are looking for perming/rebonding their hair, they suggested to go to their salon first, consult before buying vouchers. When I was their, few clients were rejected for digi perm. They will ask you to sign a weaver if you insisted for the treatment. Again, I don’t find it wrong that they are rejecting customer. I find it nice that they are being honest with you. At the end of the day, it’s a money lost for them if they will not entertain you. 

Keep in mind that you can always wear make up and remove it if you didn’t like it. But with hair, if it get damaged the only solution is to cut it. 


“Tucker strokes my hair. There’s something so tender about the gesture. It might as well have been him whispering I love you.” 
― Cynthia HandHallowed